EvoTouch / EvoTouch+


Interventional Imaging Interventional Imaging Interventional Imaging High-definitionimaging atyour fingertips A new approachto interventionalultrasound 100% touch and customizable interface Equipped with a scratch-resistant HD touch screen and benefiting from an anti-glare treatment, the EvoTouch range of mobile ultrasound devices will allow an easy, quick and very intuitive handling to support you in all your medical imaging […]


7Starscope Lumibird Medical product for point of care

Interventional Imaging Echo-guided percutaneous needlescopy, the futur of interventional imaging Revolution in non-ionisingmedical imaging Ultrasound The only mobile ultrasound device in the world with dual imaging that combines an ultrasound image AND a direct vision of the tissue in front of the micro-endoscope on the same screen. Allowing percutaneous procedures to be performed with the […]